24B1.3 Span 200M PE HDPE GYFTY83 Fiber Optic Armoured Cable

24B1.3 Span 200M PE HDPE GYFTY83 Fiber Optic Armoured Cable

Product Details:

Place of Origin: SHENZHEN
Brand Name: KEXINT
Certification: ISO-9001-2015
Model Number: GYFTY83-24B1.3

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 KM
Price: 1.03$/meter
Packaging Details: 1300*760*500 mm 2km ,Length per roll , Wooden Drum
Delivery Time: 8~15 work day
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 700+KM+7day
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Detail Information

Application: Outdoor Aerial ;Direct Buried; Underwater Fiber Type: G652D/G655
Fiber Brand: Corning/YOFC/FIBERHOME Length Per Roll: 2km To 4km
Type Of Optical Cable: Power Optical Cable Sheath Color: Black
Fiber Count: 24 Core Package: Wooden Drum
High Light:

200M Fiber Optic Armoured Cable


GYFTY83 Fiber Optic Armoured Cable


PE HDPE Armoured Fiber Cable

Product Description

GYFTY83 Fiber Optic Armoured Cable 24B1.3 Span 200M PE HDPE Prevent Bird Pecking 


        GYFTY83 fiber optic cable, place six 250um optical fibers in a loose tube filled with water. 4 such tubes and 1 filler are twisted around a central strength member made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) into a compact round cable core. Water blocking yarns are also used in the twisting process. Then, the core wire will be wrapped with water blocking tape, which together with the water blocking yarn protects the cable from water ingress. Squeeze the inner PE sheath out of the water-blocking tape, and place two tear cords (optional) under the inner sheath. Then, wrap a layer of aramid yarn on the inner sheath, and then use PE sheath to complete the cable. Next, the designed 19 FRP are precisely arranged, and then the final layer of protection is completed with a DHPE sheath.


1 Optical Cable Application:


a. The entire optical cable is made of non-metallic materials, will not conduct electricity, has lightning protection, and can be used in overhead.
b. The manufacturing process of FRP + aramid fiber makes the optical cable have a good tensile capacity, which can be used in the construction c. nvironment of the optical cable with an overhead span of 200 meters.
d. The optical cable is effective against side pressure and can be used in the construction of 30~80CM underground direct buried optical cable.
e. Can be used for laying directly under water.
f. FRP material has a certain Prevent Bird Pecking.
g. FRP material has certain anti-mouse bite.


2 Optical Cable  Design

  • 24 SM-fibers
  • G652 D operating wavelength at 1260~1625nm.
  • FRP as central strength member.
  • Loose buffer tubes SZ-stranded.
  • The buffered tube filled with filling compound while the stranded core covered with water block material
  • PE Cable inner sheath
  • Aramid yarns as peripheral strength member
  • DHPE Cable outer sheath
  • Suitable as: Aerial installation (Span:200m)

3 Optical and mechanical characteristics of fiber

Category Description Specifications
G.652D(After Cabling))
Optical Specifications Attenuation @1310nm ≤0.35dB/km
@1383nm ≤0.35dB/km
@1550nm ≤0.25dB/km
@1625nm ≤0.25dB/km
Attenuation vs. Wavelength @1288~1339nm ≤0.05 dB/km
@1525~1575nm ≤0.05 dB/km
Zero Dispersion Wavelength (nm) 1300~1324
Zero Dispersion Slope ≤0.092ps/nm2.km
Dispersion @1310nm ≤3.5 ps/nm.km
@1550nm ≤18 ps/nm.km
Polarization Mode Dispersion(PMD) ≤0.2ps/km1/2
PMD Link value ≤0.15ps/km1/2
Cable Cutoff Wavelength(λcc) ≤1260nm

Macro bending Loss

(100turns;Φ60mm) @1550nm

(100turns;Φ60mm) @1625nm


≤0.05 dB

≤0.05 dB

Mode Field Diameter @1310nm 9.2±0.6μm
@1550nm 10.4±0.8μm



Fiber Curl Radius ≥4.0m
Cladding Diameter 125±0.8μm
Mode field Core/clad concentricity ≤0.8μm
Coating Diameter 245±8μm
Coating/Cladding Concentricity ≤8μm
Cladding Non-Circularity ≤1.0%



Proof Test ≥0.69GPa
Peak Coating Strip Force 1.0~8.9N



Temperature Cycling Induced Attenuation


≤0.05 dB/km

4 Mechanical requirements and methods of fiber cable

Tensile strength 8800N, conform to IEC 794-1-E1,While Fiber Strain≤0.33%
Crush 2200N/100mm, conform to IEC 794-1-E3
Impact conform to IEC 794-1-E4
Repeated bending conform to IEC 794-1-E6
Torsion conform to IEC 794-1-E7
Flexing conform to IEC 794-1-E8
Kink conform to IEC 794-1-E10
Cable bend conform to IEC 794-1-E11
Vibration conform to IEC 794-1
Water penetration conform to IEC 794-1-F5B
The dielectric strength of outer jacket conform to ITU-T Rec.K25
Spark test voltage Spark test voltage of cable outer jacket will be no less than 8kV AC
Abrasion conform to IEC 794-1-E2
Temperature cycling test conform to IEC 794-1-F1


5 Fiber color coding
24B1.3 Span 200M PE HDPE GYFTY83 Fiber Optic Armoured Cable 0

6 Tube color coding

Tube No 1 2 3 4 Filler
color Blue Orange Green Brown Natural


24B1.3 Span 200M PE HDPE GYFTY83 Fiber Optic Armoured Cable 1


7 Mechanical specification

Structure Unit Parameter
Fiber count fibers 6~24
Loose tube Diameter mm Ф1.8~2.0

Cores of per tube

(no more than)

-- 6
Central strength member diameter(FRP) mm 2.0
Element -- 5
FRP   1.6*19
Cable diameter mm 15.7±0.5
Weight Kg/km 249
wooden drum 2km mm 1300*760*500(D*d*L)
Tensile strength Long term N 4500
Short term N 8800
Crush Resistance Long term N 2200
Short term N 3000
Bending Radius Dynamic mm ≥25*OD
Static mm ≥12.5*OD
Operating Temperature -40 --- +60


8  Packing and Logo

8.1 Packing

8.1.1 Each single length of cable shall be wound on an Iron stand-wooden composite drum.

8.1.2 Covered by plastic buffer sheet.

8.1.3 Sealed by strong wooden battens.

8.1.4 Drum length Standard drum length is 4000m; Total quantity is at least the ordered quantity. Or it can be delivered according to customers’ requirements, but not longer than 5000m.

8.2. Drum Marking

  • Manufacturer name;
  • Manufacturing year and month;
  • Roll-direction arrow;
  • Cable outer end position indicating arrow;
  • Cable type and size;
  • Drum number;
  • Drum length;
  • Gross / net weight;
  • Caution plate indicating the correct method for loading, unloading and convey the cable;
  • Other customer information such as contract no., project no., and delivery destination. (if needed)

8.3 Cable identification documents

  • Product qualified certificate;

          Test report.

24B1.3 Span 200M PE HDPE GYFTY83 Fiber Optic Armoured Cable 2


Package and Shipping:

1. All of our fiber optic cable package are with export wooden drum.

2. 2~3km/drum, Outdoor fiber optic cable's wooden dimension is 130cm*76cm*50cm,,

3. Can be load about 39 drums for a 20GP.

Also accept custom cable drum from customers. welcome to contact us!


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