Outdoor Direct Burial Fiber Optic Armoured Cable GYTA53 GYTS53 Direct Buried Single Mode
Outdoor Direct Burial  Fiber Optic Armoured Cable GYTA53 GYTS53 Direct Buried Single Mode
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: SHENZHEN
Brand Name: KEXINT
Certification: ISO-9001
Model Number: GYTA53
High Light:

armored network cable


armoured fiber cable

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1.1*0.72*1.1m 2km~4km ,Length per roll , Wooden Drum
Delivery Time: 8
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 90+KM+24H
Model Number: GYTS53/GYTA53
Strength Member: Steel Wire/FRP Strength Member
Product Name: Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable
Fiber Type: G657A1/G657A2
Armour: Steel /Aluminium Tape
Application: Outdoor Aerial Application
Sheath Color: Black
Package: Wooden Drum
Product Description

Outdoor Direct Burial Fiber Optic Armoured Cable GYTA53 GYTS53 Direct Buried Single Mode


Outdoor Fiber Optic Armoured Cable


Product Description:

       GYTA53 uses metal strength member as central strength member to provide excellent strain performance of the cable. Double-jacket structure provide the cable nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance. Double armor structure provides cable good property of rodent-resistance. High strength loose tube is hydrolysis resistant. A layer of water-blocking material is applied around the cable core to prevent water ingress. It can be used for duct and direct buried application, suitable for harsh environments.



      1. Good mechanical and temperature performance
      2. High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
      3. Special tube filling compound ensures a critical protection of fiber
      4. Crush resistance and flexibility
      5. The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight:
           a. Steel wire used as the central strength member
           b. Loose tube filling compound
           c. 100% cable core filling
           d. APL moisture barrier
           e. Water-blocking material


Cable design:

  • 24 SM-fibers.
  •    6 SM-fibers placed in each tube.
  • Steel wire as central strength member.
  • Loose buffer tubes SZ-stranded.
  •    The buffered tube filled with filling compound while the stranded core covered with water block material.
  •    Aluminum tape as the moisture barrier.
  •    PE Cable inner sheath.
  •    Corrugated stainless steel tape armored.
  •    HDPE Cable Outer sheath.
  • Suitable as: Direct-buried installation.

1  Reference Standard

       IEC 60793-1, 60793-2, 60794-1

ITU-T G650, G652


2  Optical and mechanical characteristics of fiber

MFD(1310nm) 9.2mm±0.4mm
MFD(1550nm) 10.4mm±0.8mm
Cladding diameter 125mm±1.0mm
Fiber diameter 250 ± 15 mm (Colored)
Core/cladding concentricity error £0.6mm
Cladding non circularity £1.0%
Cut off wavelength £1260nm
Attenuation coefficient 1310nm: £0.36dB/km
1550nm: £0.22dB/km
Bending-loss performance of optical fiber £0.05dB
Polarization mode dispersion £0.1ps/Ökm
Zero-dispersion wavelength 1300 – 1324 nm
Zero-dispersion slope £0.092ps/(nm2•km)

3  Mechanical requirements and methods of fiber cable

Tensile strength 3000N, conform to IEC 794-1-E1 while fiber strain ≤0.33%
Crush 3000N/100mm, conform to IEC 794-1-E3
Impact Conform to IEC 794-1-E4
Repeated bending Conform to IEC 794-1-E6
Torsion Conform to IEC 794-1-E7
Flexing Conform to IEC 794-1-E8
Kink Conform to IEC 794-1-E10
Cable bend Conform to IEC 794-1-E11
Water penetration Conform to IEC 794-1-F5B
The dielectric strength of outer jacket Conform to ITU-T Rec.K25
Spark test voltage Spark test voltage of cable outer jacket will be no less than 8kV AC
Abrasion Conform to IEC 794-1-E2
Temperature cycling test Conform to IEC 794-1-F1

4  Fiber color coding and tube color coding

Outdoor Direct Burial  Fiber Optic Armoured Cable GYTA53 GYTS53 Direct Buried Single Mode 0

5  Structure


Outdoor Direct Burial  Fiber Optic Armoured Cable GYTA53 GYTS53 Direct Buried Single Mode 1


6  Mechanical specification

Items Descriptions
Optical fiber Category G.652D
Counts 24


of fibers per tube

Counts 6
Central strength member Material Steel wire
Diameter (mm) 1.55
Loose tube Material PBT
Diameter (mm) 2.0
Counts 4
Filler rod Counts 1
Moisture proof Material Corrugated Al tape
Inner sheath Material PE
Thickness (mm) Nominal 0.8
Armor Material Corrugated stainless steel tape
Outer sheath Material HDPE
Thickness (mm) Nominal 1.7
Cable diameter (mm)±0.5 12.5
Cable weight (kg/km)±10% 160
Tensile strength Short term (N) 3000
Long term (N) 1000
Crush Short term (N/10cm) 3000
Long term (N/10cm) 1000
Applicable temperature range Operation - 45℃ ~ +70℃
Installation - 20℃ ~ +60℃
Storage & shipping - 45℃ ~ +70℃
Bending Radius Unloaded 12.5 times of outer diameter
Loaded 25 times of outer diameter

7  Environmentally

The product is accord with the instruction of ISO 14001and EU ROHS (Pb-Free in ZTE)

8  Packing and Logo

8.1 Packing

8.1.1 Each single length of cable shall be wound on an Iron stand-wooden composite drum.

8.1.2 Covered by plastic buffer sheet.

8.1.3 Sealed by strong wooden battens.

8.1.4 Drum length Standard drum length is 3000m; Total quantity is at least the ordered quantity. Or it can be delivered according to customers’ requirements, but not longer than 5000m.

8.2. Drum Marking

  • Manufacturer name;
  • Manufacturing year and month;
  • Roll-direction arrow;
  • Cable outer end position indicating arrow;
  • Cable type and size;
  • Drum number;
  • Drum length;
  • Gross / net weight;
  • Caution plate indicating the correct method for loading, unloading and convey the cable;
  • Other customer information such as contract no., project no., and delivery destination. (if needed)

8.3 Cable identification documents

  • Product qualified certificate;
  • Test report.
  • Accurate volume and weight information.


9  Environmentally

The product is accord with the instruction of EU ROHS




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