KEXINT FTTR Gigabit Ethernet Smart Mini ONT , 4GE POTS 2.4G 5G WIFI6 XPON ONU

KEXINT FTTR Gigabit Ethernet Smart Mini ONT , 4GE POTS 2.4G 5G WIFI6 XPON ONU

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: KEXINT
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: KXT - FT3630X

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100+PCS
Price: dollars+26.75+pcs
Packaging Details: box
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000+peace+week
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Detail Information

Color: White Optical Interface: 1* SC/UPC Connector
Power Consumption: ≤15 W Power Supply: DC 12V/1.5A
Distance: 0~ 20Km Max Optical Output Power: -1~+4dBm
Receiving Sensitivity: < -25dBm
High Light:



Gigabit Ethernet Mini ONT



Product Description

Product Overview:

XGPON Combo FT3630X is a FTTR all-optical home solution product independently developed by Shenzhen Kexint Technology Co., Ltd. It is a home terminal product that integrates Combo PON, VoIP, and high-speed WiFi 6. It can serve as a multi-service access and control center for households, providing users with high-speed internet access, voice call services, and WIFI. Besides, it solves the problems of low transmission rate, poor wireless coverage, and roaming cards in traditional home wireless networking, providing a true whole house WiFi gigabit broadband access experience for home users.


The FTTR home terminal series products mainly consist of two parts: the home all optical main gateway and the sub gateway.


The all-optical main gateway product FT3630X has a combo optical interface in XG-PON and GPON modes on the uplink network side, supporting the normal operation of the FTTR main gateway under the PON ports of GPON OLT and XGPON OLT. The downlink user side interface includes 4 GE ports, 1 voice POTS port, AX3000 WiFi6 WLAN interface, 1 USB interface, and 1 GPON downlink interface, with a 1:16 optical ratio capability and a maximum support for accessing 16 all optical routes.


FT3630X, an all optical routing product that supports downlink connectivity, has a GPON interface on the uplink network side. The downstream user side interface includes four GE ports and an AX3000 WiFi6 WLAN interface.

FTTR Home Terminal All Optical Main Gateway Product Form:
FTTR all optical main gateway XGPON Combo FT3630X: XG-PON Combo uplink,
1 * GPON, 4 * GE electrical port,
1 * USB, Dual AX3000 WiFi6 (2x2MIMO),
1 * POTS voice port
KEXINT FTTR Gigabit Ethernet Smart Mini ONT , 4GE POTS 2.4G 5G WIFI6 XPON ONU 0
Product Specifications:
All-Optical Main Gateway-XGPON Combo FT3630X
Uplink Port: XGPON Combo Interface
line Rate: XGPON downlink 9.95328Gbps, uplink 2.48832Gbps;GPON downlink2.48832Gbps,uplink 1.24416Gbps;
Downlink Port:1*GPON,1 * GPON, cascaded optical routing through splitters, can support up to 16 optical routing accesses.
4 * GE port, 1 * USB; AX3000 Dual band WiFi6(2x2MIMO); 1 * POTS voice port
Port Working Wavelength of Xgpon Combo
Complies with ITU-T G.987/G.988 standards
Central wavelength:XGPON downlink 1577nm ,uplink1270nm;
GPON downlink 1490nm,uplink 1310nm
Optical Interface Type
Processor Capability
Dual Core 1G Hz
2Gbit Nand Flash
Power Supply
Ac: Input 90 ~ 264V, 47 ~ 67Hz;
Adapter output DC: 12V/2A
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature:-5°C~45°C
Storage Temperature:-40°C~70°C
Relative Humidity:10%~90%,no condensation
Reset Button, WiFi Switch Button, WPS
Product Characteristics:
All Optical Main Gateway-FT3630X
WAN Connection
WAN working mode
Support routing working mode, bridging working mode, and bridging routing mixed working mode
Support specifying different VLANs and address acquisition methods for each WAN;
WAN Isolation Characteristics
Support data isolation between different WAN connections
Support the isolation of ARP messages on the network and user sides
Two characteristics
Support receiving untagged, priority tagged, and tagged messages
Support adding p-bit and/or VID to uplink untagged messages, adding VID to priority tagged messages, and supporting discarding
tagged messages
Support removing tags from tagged messages received downstream;
Support for switching between network side and user side VLANs
Message Forwarding
Support port binding method for data forwarding
Support VLAN binding method for data forwarding
Support routing and forwarding methods for data forwarding
WLAN Interface
AX3000 WiFi6 interface, compliant with 802.11ax protocol requirements;
Support WLAN function enable/disable
Working Frequency Band
The 2.4GHz frequency band supports adaptive bandwidth modes of 20MHz, 40MHz, and 20/40M, with a default bandwidth of 20MHz
The 5GHz frequency band supports bandwidth modes of 20MHz, 40MHz, 80MMHz, and 160MHz
Both the 2.4G and 5G frequency bands support uplink and downlink OFDMA functions, and support RU based concurrent scheduling of
Both 2.4G and 5G uplink and downlink should support 1024-QAM modulation mode
Working Mode
2.4GHz supports 802.11b/g/n/ax mixed operating mode;
5GHz supports 802.11a/n/ac/ax mixed operating mode;
Orifice Function
Support adjustable WLAN transmission power
Support automatic rate adjustment
Support Target Wake Time (TWT)
Support the configuration of Beacon beacon frame transmission interval and DTIM interval
Support DCM and Extended Range functions
Support multi antenna beamforming technology
Multiple SSID Features
Support multiple SSID functions, support default 2.4G and 5G dual frequency integration
Support configuring different VLANs for different SSIDs
Support the independent setting of BSSID, send queue, security mechanism, configuration parameters, and binding relationships
between WAN connections for each SSID
Supports starting and stopping any SSID without affecting other SSIDs
Sharing and Roaming
Support WLAN sharing and provide users with WLAN coverage
The main gateway and sub gateway devices support 802.11k, 802.11v, and 802.11r protocols, enabling STA roaming between devices
Support priority based data processing and forwarding
Support WLAN air port fairness
Support the Long OFDM symbol sending mechanism
Support the Spatial Reuse/Bss Color function
Support differentiation based on Bss Color
Load Balance
Collaborate between the main gateway and sub gateways to achieve load balancing
Support load balancing based on the number of connected users
Support traffic based load balancing
Support 2.4G/5G intelligent load balancing
Address Management
IPv4/v6 Dual Protocol Stack
Support IPv4/v6 dual protocol stack
Support the creation of IPv4 and IPv6 network connections
DS Lite Function
Support DS Lite function
Support independent opening and closing based on WAN connection
WAN supports independent acquisition of IP addresses
The WAN side supports three methods: static configuration of IP addresses, dynamic acquisition of IP addresses through DHCP and
The LAN side supports DHCPv46 server function
WAN side supports independent acquisition of IPv6 address prefixes
WAN side supports obtaining IPv6 address prefixes from servers through DHCP-PD
WAN side supports obtaining IPv6 address prefixes from servers through PPPoE
The LAN side supports DHCPv6 server functionality
NAT Function
Support NAT/NAPT function
Support ALG function
Supports Virtual Server (Port Forwarding) functionality
DNS Function
Support DNS relay
Support DNS clients for IPv4 and IPv6
Support the use of corresponding DNS servers for each WAN connection
Business Flow Tags
Support stream classification based on IP address, L4 port number, physical interface, and SSID
Support stream classification based on MAC and 802.1p
Support stream classification based on DSCP
Support stream classification based on protocol type
Support the use of DSCP or 802.1p priority labels based on the above classification results
Business Flow Speed Limit
Support bandwidth guarantee and restriction mechanisms based on data streams
Supports speed limiting of upstream and downstream data streams based on user side physical ports, VLANs, and IP addresses
Queue Scheduling
Supports 8 priority queues
Support mapping data streams to different hardware queues
Support SP, WRR, SP+WRR queue scheduling methods
Session Limit
Support for limiting the total number of sessions
VoIP Function
The main gateway supports a built-in voice gateway and implements IP telephone services using the SIP protocol
The main gateway supports basic calls, abnormal calls, and supplementary services. Support supplementary service functions such as
caller number display, call waiting, three-way call, hotline, etc.
The main gateway supports T.30 transparent fax and T.38 encoding fax, and supports fax signal tone detection.
The main gateway supports MODEM service, MODEM signal tone detection and transparent mode MODEM service.
IPSec Function
Support the provision of secure encryption channels based on IPSec
Support transmission mode AH, tunnel mode AH, transmission mode ESP, and tunnel mode ESP working modes
Support VPN networking forms such as Site to Site and Remote Access;
Support pre shared keys and X.509 digital certificates for VPN authentication
Support encryption algorithms such as DES, 3DES, AES 128, AES 192, AES 256 that comply with relevant national password management
Support the establishment of IPSec tunnels based on fixed IP addresses and domain names
Support transparent traversal of IPSec packets through NAT gateways;
Support for DPD protocol
Support priority processing for different VPN tunnels and non VPN traffic
Support internet traffic forwarding
VxLAN Function
Support the VxLAN packet encapsulation format specified in the RFC7348 protocol
Support enabling or disabling specified VNI
Support VxLAN MAC table item management function
Support the sharding processing of large packages
L2TP Function
Support LAC and LNS
Support L2TPv2 function
Support transparent traversal of L2TP packets through NAT gateways
Safety Characteristic
Support the setting of firewall levels and firewall rules
Support filtering and processing of messages based on their characteristics
Anti Attack
Support anti DoS attack function
Support the provision of anti port scanning function
Support the function of opening and closing service ports
Support limiting the number of source MAC addresses learned by each user's LAN port
Support static binding of IP address and MAC address
Support suppression processing of broadcast/multicast packets for specific protocols
Network Access Security
Support DMZ function
Support access control based on MAC address and IP address
Support setting black and white lists to achieve URL access control function
WLAN Security
Support SSID broadcast on/off function
Support authentication methods such as Open System, Shared Key, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK mixed mode
Support WEP (64bit), WEP (128bit), AES, TKIP, AES/TKIP mixed mode and other encryption modes
Supports China's national wireless local area network security standards and complies with the provisions of GB15629.11-2003
Voice Security
Support the setting and enabling of OPTION60 to carry encrypted voice account authentication information function
Account Password
Debugging account disabled
The account password should meet the requirement of at least 8 digits in length, including characters, numbers, and special
Device Port Security
The device defaults to disabling remote management protocols such as SSH and telnet
Channel Security Management
Prohibit logging in with empty or weak passwords
Do not support the existence of backdoors in any form such as hidden backdoors or secret channels
Support local Portal authentication based on Web Portal
Support the sending of online and offline information from user terminals to relevant servers
Support authentication for access users on different SSIDs or other interfaces
Support authentication free whitelist
Networking Security
Support the backbone fiber protection switching function
Support long emitting ONU detection capability
OAM Function
Support the Dying Gasp power down alarm function
Support simulation testing function with built-in business ports
NTP Function
Supports SNTP Client functionality
Support configuration of NTP server addresses
Support synchronization with NTP servers when the device is powered on
Device Synchronization
Synchronized Primary and Sub-gateways
WiFi Synchronization: WiFi configuration synchronization, WiFi roaming switch automatic tuning
Account synchronization: WEB account synchronization automatically synchronizes the user account and password of the main gateway
Time synchronization: Master slave device time synchronization, including information such as time and time zone

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